Whole School Projects

We have provided a range of whole school projects and activities that you may wish to complete together as a family.

We would love to see all of the things you are doing at home so please email a photo tagged with your year group and a message, if you would like to. Email address photos@dunalley.gloucs.sch.uk

We have a fabulous gallery available here for you to see what everyone has been up to.

Please save all of your work, if you can, and bring it into school when we re-open and we can then celebrate all the fabulous things you have been doing at home.

Transition videos and template for the week beginning 13th July

Transition activity explanation video

Dear Teacher story video

Dear Teacher outline for homelearning

Wellbeing video and activities on worry for the week beginning 15th June

Ruby's Worry - Watch the video here

Key Stage 1 task: ruby_worry_activity_pack

Key Stage 2 task: What are your worries - CV19

Poetry home learning for the week beginning 18th May

POETRY Home Learning

Y3 'Granny is...' vocabulary

Y5 Presentation Gods and Goddesses

Y5 Greek Gods Fact Sheets

Wellbeing video and activities on kindness for the week beginning 18th May

WELLBEING - Kindness

Our Wellbeing video is here, Miss Woollatt talks about kindness

We have a new 'Move More Schools Challenge' for you all to take part in.

Local schools are competing to see which school community has travelled the furthest. There are prizes to be won. 
The challenge will take place from May 6th - May 22nd.

Information about Move More Schools Challenge is available here

Move More Schools Challenge Family Spreadsheet is available here

Gloucestershire Rockstars Championships present - Top of the Rocks competition from May 12th - May 14th.

Top of the Rocks Competition details for the 12th - 14th May available here.

VE Day Celebration - Cheltenham Remembers are inviting local school children to take part in a special week of activities to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and we think it will be an interesting whole school activity to participate in. You can find more on our dedicated page and don't forget to send us a photo of your creations and celebrations.

View from my window - draw, paint, collage or model the view from your window or an imaginary view of what would you like to see outside your window.

Recycling project – there are lots of things in the recycling box that could be used to make something new. You could make a model, plant pots, storage for stationery etc. What ideas can you come up with? You could write a set of instructions to go with it so someone else could make it. The BBC has some great and simple craft ideas including making wrist bands, bingo cards and much more:



Zentangle art - an abstract project that you can get creative with is Zentangle art. If you google the word Zentangle you will see lots of abstract art which can be inspired by nature:

Zentangle_nature_1.png   Zentangle_nature_2.png


Items in your home:


Or just your imagination:

We would like children to come back to school with a positive message (which we will display in school) by creating a Zentangle around a word which they feel supports the Dunalley school values.

Here are our school values 

We value each individual and celebrate diversity 

We care about each other and the environment 

We persevere and grow together 

We are ready, respectful and safe



Baking and cooking - a great way to spend time together, feed the family and use a bit of mathematical measuring is to cook as a family. Simple ideas like tuna & sweetcorn slice and microwave mug cake are all on the BBC site:


Non-screen activities - there are lots of great activities to do that are non-screen based. Click on the links and have a look.

Non-screen activities - from Pobble

More non-screen activities – from Pobble

Science and Technology - the Dyson Foundation and the STEM have created some simple experiments which discuss different scientific properties and principles. Discuss, predict, create and record your observations from the collection attached:



Pippin Celebration – It will be nearly a year since Pippin has been our school dog so we would like you to create a picture or model of him. You could draw, paint, collage, sculpt or junk model. Add some writing about him, tell him what you like about having him as our school dog. He would like some pictures of your pets too so why not do the same with your pet. 

Handwriting – copy out our school values in your neatest handwriting and draw pictures about school to go with them. 

Here are our school values 

We value each individual and celebrate diversity 

We care about each other and the environment 

We persevere and grow together 

We are ready, respectful and safe