Year 3

Please see the Whole School Projects section for the poetry home learning set for the week beginning 18th May.

Maths home learning for week beginning 18th May - Year 3 pupils should now be on Summer Week 3 (worksheets still available on White Rose Maths)

Home Learning weeks beginning May 4th and 11th

Year 3 Home Learning week beginning 4th May

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Class outdoor Scavanger Hunt

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Maths home learning for week beginning 11th May - should be Summer Week 2 (worksheets still available on White Rose Maths)

Maths home learning for week beginning 4th May

Home Learning weeks beginning April 20th and 27th


The link below will take you to the White Rose Maths home learning webpage. Here you will find daily lessons comprising of a video with accompanying activities and answers. It is important to watch the video and pause at appropriate moments in order to attempt the questions.

We would like Year 3 to start at lesson 1 of week 1 (not week 1 of the Summer Term as the preceding two weeks are necessary as a foundation for what follows).

Maths home learning for Year 3


The link below is a unit of English work for the next fortnight. This includes both reading and writing activities. If you can, the booklet could be printed out but this is not necessary to complete the activities. However, it will be necessary to use a laptop, tablet or smart phone for part of the session in order to read texts, instructions and activities.

The following is a suggested timetable for completing the English unit over the two week period.

Year 3 - The Truth About Trolls

Week 1 

Day 1 Introduction & The Truth About Trolls

Day 2 What do the words mean?

Day 3 Grammar Games - Adjective Games

Day 4 Add-On Adverbs Game

Day 5 Engaging Adverbs Game

Week 2 

Day 1 Drop-in Game

Day 2 New information about trolls & plan

Day 3 Write 

Day 4 Write

Day 5 Edit and improve & publish final version