British Values


Spiritual, moral, social, cultural development (SMSC) - British Values 
At Dunalley, we value SMSC. We are inclusive and diverse. We not only actively promote the social, spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at our school through subject areas but it underpins all we do. 

Our SMSC curriculum is integral to the way we work so that our children develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural capital. These are underpinned by our values. 

We aim to ensure that all children are able to grow into caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant young people who are able to make a positive difference to British Society and the World in which they live. These values guide all the communities represented in our school. Valuing ourselves, each other and mutual respect is at the heart of everything we do to support our school, local community and the wider worldWe build trust and ensure respect and tolerance of each other’s cultures, religions and beliefs. 

Our school seeks to embed British values through many ways. 

All children are encouraged to discuss topics of interest, express their views and make a meaningful contribution to the running of the school on matters that directly involve them. Children have the opportunity to have their voices heard through the school council, pupil questionnaires and pupil surveys. Our school councillors are elected by the pupils each yearThis is used as an opportunity to teach about democracy and the electoral process. We encourage volunteerism in school which includes peer readers who support our children in EYFS and child-initiated projects for raising money for charities. 

Rule of Law 
We have high expectations for our children’s behaviour and this is reflected in our school behaviour policy. Our children are very clear about the behaviour that we expect and the consequences of not behaving appropriately. We expect our children to reflect on inappropriate behaviour and the impact it has on themselves and others. All school staff work hard to ensure that the policy is applied fairly and consistently.  All classes develop an agreed set of ‘class rules’ as part of the ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE programme of work at the start of each academic year. Through assemblies and PSHE lessons, children are taught how to develop trust and respect and are supported to know right from wrong and doing the right thing even when it is difficult. We use visits from authorities and public bodies, such as the police and our local MP, to talk to the children to explain their role in society. Our PSHE programme teaches pupils how to be safe in the real and the on-line world. Our children know who they can talk to within school if they feel unsafe. We encourage our children to make the right choices within a safe and supportive environment.  Bullying and racism are not tolerated. Our Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies set out clear guidelines for dealing with any form of aggression, abuse or violence, which extends to children, staff and families. 

Individual Liberty 
Within school, children are encouraged, and given the freedom to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Pupils are supported to develop resilience, self-knowledge, self-esteemself-confidence and the courage to challenge and question. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and our pastoral support reinforces the importance of making the right choices. Children are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely, for example through our e-safety teaching and PSHE lessons. Vulnerable pupils are protected and stereotypes challenged. The school makes adaptations to ensure an inclusive approach for children with Special Educational Needsadditional needs, cultural, gender or religious considerations. A strong anti-bullying culture is embedded in the school and any form of bullying is challenged and addressed. The school also operates a robust system of logging incidents. Pupils have key roles and responsibilities in school, such as school councillors.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Those with Different Faiths and Beliefs 
The pupils know and understand that it is expected that respect is shown to everyone: both adults and children. Opportunities within lessons to discuss issues, for example through Picture News, encourage children to value others’ opinions. Children are helped to acquire an understanding of, and respect for, their own and other cultures and ways of life. Staff and pupils are encouraged to challenge prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour. Links and visits are promoted with local faith communities and places of worship. For example, we have links with Paul’s Church and welcome them into whole school assemblies and visit the local synagogue to learn about Judaism. Through the PSHE and RE curriculum, pupils are encouraged to discuss and respect differences between people, such as differences of faith, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexuality and differences of family situations. We offer a culturally rich and diverse curriculum in which all major religions are studied and respected and global dimension work is embedded in many curriculum areas. 

OPAL Platinum Award

18 Apr 2023

Awarded Platinum
This award means that Dunalley primary has some of the best lunchtime play opportunities in the country for all their pupils.

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13 Jan 2023

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