Staff and Responsibilities

Headteacher: Mrs A. Godfrey 

Deputy Headteacher: Miss A. Vine

Senior Leadership Team:
Assistant Head: Assessment Lead - Mr N. Jones
Assistant Head: Inclusion Lead - Mrs S. Raybould
Business Manager - Mrs S. Byrne 

SENCO – Mrs S. Raybould

Senior Mental Health Lead - Mrs S. Byrne

Class Teaching Staff

Reception Classes
Teachers - Mrs S. Hadad and Mrs V. Flood 
Teaching Partner - Mrs M. Errington


Teacher - Mr D. Price
Teaching Partner - Mrs A. Thatcher

Year 1
Teachers - Mrs L. Fisher
Teaching Partner - Mrs E. Van der velde
Teachers - Miss C. Underwood
Teaching Partner - Mrs B. Perrett

Year 22SJ:Teacher - Mrs A Sarna and Mrs R. JonesTeaching Partner - Mrs L. Mason2W:Teachers - Miss N. Woollatt
Teaching partner – Miss G Stacey

Year 3
Teacher - Mr J. Adams
Teaching Partner – Miss H. John

Teacher - Mr B. Oliver
Teaching Partner -  Mrs K. Garrett

Year 4
Teacher - Miss C. Parker
Teaching Partner – Miss P. Wainwright
Teacher - Mr S. Wilson 
Teaching Partner – Miss M. Taylor

Year 5
Teacher - Mr N. Jones
Teaching Partner - Mrs L. Hunting

Teacher - Mrs B. Rigby
Teaching Partner - Mrs Z. Cornish
Teaching Partner - Miss O. Kartavkina

Year 6
Teacher - Mr L. Jones 
Teaching Partner - Mrs S. Lander

Teacher - Mrs S. Mackie and Miss A. Vine
Teaching Partner - Mr S. Underwood

Additional Teachers

PPA Cover - Mrs V. Flood
PPA Cover - Mrs M. Freeman
PPA Cover - Mrs L. Hunting

Teaching Partners 1: 1
Teaching Partner - Mrs L. Cooke
Teaching partner - Mrs L. Garraghan
Teaching Partner - Mrs M. Hall
Teaching Partner - Mr D. Jakab-Thomas
Teaching Partner - Mrs T. Krori
Teaching Partner - Miss J. Larner
Teaching Partner - Mrs S. Musto
Teaching Partner - Mrs E. Phelps

Family Support:
Family Support Worker   - Mrs S. Ashton

Office Staff:
School Business Manager - Mrs S. Byrne
School Business & Finance Administrator - Mr P. Duroe-Richards
Office Manager – Ms. H. Jones
Admin Assistant – Mrs S. Lewis

OPAL Play Team:
Play Coordinator - Mrs C. Samways
Play Partner – Mr M. Childs
Play Partner – Mrs L. Garraghan
Play Partner – Mrs S. Gough
Play Partner – Mrs L. Hunting
Play Partner – Mrs T. Krori
Play Partner – Mrs R. Scarfe
Play Partner – Miss G. Stacey
Paly Partner – Mrs E. Stephens
Play Partner - Mrs B. Perrett
Play Partner - Mrs S. Lander
Play Partner - Mrs M. Yefimchuk

Midday Supervisors:
Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs N. Beaver
Midday Supervisor - Miss N-J. Hunt
Midday Supervisor - Mrs B. Lee
Midday Supervisor - Mrs E. Phelps


Nursery & Pre-school Manager - Mrs S. Carpenter 
Nursery Assistant Practitioner - Mrs V. Ball
Nursery Practitioner - Miss M. Hamilton
Nursery Practitioner - Mrs H. Spiers
Nursery Teacher – Miss H. Street 
Midday Supervisor - Mrs E. Skerratt
Nursery Practitioner - Miss N. Webster

Earlies & Lates: 
Play Coordinator - Mrs C. Samways
Play Leader - Mrs L. Garraghan
Play Leader - Mrs T. Krori
Play Leader - Miss G. Stacey
Play Leader - Miss R. Scarfe

Site Management:
Site Manager – Mr M. Childs
Caretaker/Grounds Person - Mr M. Isher
Cleaner - Mrs N. Beaver
Cleaner - Mrs W. Smith
Cleaner - Miss T. Stephens
Cleaner - Mrs M. Yefimchuk

AiP – Kitchen: 
Catering Manager – Mrs A. Pearce
General Assistant – Miss A. Clemmens
General Assistant – Miss N. Leach

School Dog:

Child & Family Worker
We are committed to putting the school at the heart of our community. It is important that we value and support each other through good and challenging times. Mrs Ashton our Family Support Advisor is available before and after school to support our children and their families. She is happy to talk to parents and children about any issues causing them concern. Mrs Ashton can signpost people to those who can help even if we don’t have the specific support available in school. She is also available on her email which is [email protected]

Dunalley Diddies

03 Jun 2024

Open to parents/carers of babies 0-1yrs old, on Wednesdays 1.45pm-3pm. For more info pop along and speak to Hannah Street in Nursery & Pre-school.

Nursery & Pre-school spaces available

13 May 2024

Dunalley Nursery & Pre-school have sessions available for September 2024.
Contact us now for further information.

Non-uniform Day

10 May 2024

On Friday 21st June we will have a non school uniform day.  Children are able to come to school wearing red, yellow or orange.

OPAL Stay and Play

22 Apr 2024

Thank you to all who came along to our event on Saturday morning.
It was so lovely to see so many of our new families too.

Dunalley Literature Festival

19 Apr 2024

Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th May.
We are looking forward to celebrating Dunalley’s Literature Festival in a few weeks when many...

Year 5 Athletics Squad

19 Apr 2024

Year 5 Athletics Squad took part in the Gloucestershire Inter- Primary Schools Athletics Competition with volunteers from both 5J and 5R.

CAKE SALE 18/4/24

13 Apr 2024

Please bring all of your NUT FREE animal themed cakes and bakes along to our cake sale which will be held after school in the playground.

Curriculum Information

12 Apr 2024

Thank you to families for joining our curriculum infomation sessions this week!
It has been lovely to see you in school.

Easter Holiday Camp

04 Mar 2024

With the Easter break less than 4 weeks away, with our award-winning multi-activity camps running throughout the Easter holidays!

Year 6 Trip

01 Mar 2024

Our Year 6 children enjoyed an adventurous trip to Swindon Steam Museum on Friday.
Their outfits for the World War 11 experience were just fabulous.