Staff and Responsibilities

Headteacher: Mrs A. Godfrey 

Deputy Headteacher: Miss A. Vine

Senior Leadership Team:
Assistant Head: EYFS Lead - Mrs R. Fox
Assistant Head: Assessment Lead - Mr N. Jones
Assistant Head: Inclusion Lead - Mrs S. Raybould
Business Manager - Mrs S. Byrne 

SENCO – Mrs S. Raybould

Class Teaching Staff

Reception Classes
Teacher - Miss C Smith
Teaching Partner - Mrs M. Ellis
Teacher - Miss C. Underwood
Teaching Partner - Mrs A. Thatcher

Year 1
Teachers - Mrs S. Hadad and Mrs R. Fox
Teaching Partner - Mrs L. Mason
Teachers - Miss E. Gunnell
Teaching Partner - Miss L. Bartlett

Year 2
Teachers - Mrs L, Fisher
Teaching Partner - Miss S. Brook
Teaching Partner - Miss J Larner
Teacher - Mrs M. Freeman
Teaching Partner - Mrs K. Garrett

Year 3
Teacher - Mr J. Adams
Teaching Partner – Mrs K. White

Teacher - Mrs S. Raybould & Mrs V Flood
Teaching Partner - Mrs L. Rogers
Teaching Partner - Mrs L. Hunting

Year 4
Teacher - Mrs B Ward 
Teaching Partner – Mrs D. Harries
Teacher - Miss N Woollatt
Teaching Partner – Mrs E. Phelps-Johnson

Year 5
Teacher - Mr L Jones
Teaching Partner - Miss Z. Tromans
Teaching Partner - Mrs Z. Cardelli

Teacher - Mrs S. Mackie
Teaching Partner - Miss A. Trueman

Year 6
Teacher - Mr N. Jones/ Mrs R. Millard
Teaching Partner - Mr S. Underwood
Teacher - Mr S. Wilson
Teaching Partner - Miss P. Wainwright

Additional Teachers

Teacher - Mrs A Sarna
Teacher - Mrs I. Gurney
Teacher - Mrs K. Scarborough

PPA Cover - Miss G Stacey
PPA Cover - Miss S Brook
PPA Cover - Miss A Trueman
PPA Cover - Mrs K. Garrett

Teaching Partners 1: 1
Teaching Partner - Mrs J. Bilas
Teaching Partner - Mrs C. Bloxham
Teaching Partner - Miss G Stephens

Family Support:
Family Support Worker - Mrs S. Ashton

Office Staff:
School Business Manager - Mrs S. Byrne
Office Manager – Mrs H. Pain
Finance – Mrs K. Mace
Admin Assistant – Mrs S. Lewis

Site Management:
Site Manager – Mr M. Childs
Cleaner - Mrs N. Beaver
Cleaner - Mrs W. Smith
Cleaner - Miss T. Stephens

Midday Supervisors:
Senior Midday Supervisor - Mrs N. Beaver
Midday Supervisor - Mrs W. Smith 
Midday Supervisor - Mrs J. Bilas
Midday Supervisor - Mrs E. Phelps Johnson
Midday Supervisor - Miss N-J. Hunt
Midday Supervisor - Mrs K. Price
Midday Supervisor – Mr M. Childs
Midday Supervisor – Miss. B. Lee
Midday Supervisor – Miss E. Steele
Midday Supervisor – Mrs V. Ball
Midday Supervisor – Mrs L. Hunting
Midday Supervsior – Miss G. Stacey

Assistant Headteacher EYFS Lead - Mrs R. Fox 
Nursery & Extended Hours Manager - Miss M. Hamilton 
Nursery Teacher – Miss L. Morley 
Nursery Teacher – Miss H. Street 
Nursery Practitioner - Miss L. Bilas 
Nursery Practitioner - Miss S. Cheal 

Earlies & Lates: 
Nursery & Extended Hours Manager - Miss M. Hamilton 
Deputy Manager – Mrs D. Harries 
Play Leader Assistant – Miss G. Stephens 
Play Leader Assistant - Miss G. Stacey 
Play Leader Assistant – Miss S. Brook 
Play Leader Assistant – Miss Z. Tromans 

AiP – Kitchen: 
Catering Manager – Mrs K. Williams 
General Assistant – Mrs S. Wilson 
General Assistant – Miss A. Cotton-Betteridge 
General Assistant – Miss B. Cole 

School Dog:

Child & Family Worker

We are committed to putting the school at the heart of our community. It is important that we value and support each other through good and challenging times. Mrs Ashton our Family Support Advisor is available before and after school to support our children and their families. She is happy to talk to parents and children about any issues causing them concern. Mrs Ashton can signpost people to those who can help even if we don’t have the specific support available in school. She is also available on her email which is