School Uniform

School Uniform Policy 

We encourage all of our learners to take a pride in their appearance. It is important that they arrive at school looking and feeling smart and ready to learn. 

School uniform required for Reception to Year 2 

  • Brown jumper with school logo or brown cardigan with school logo  
  • White polo shirt  
  • Black jogging bottoms, black leggings or black PE shorts (no patterns)  
  • Black trainers (plain)  
  • Wellies (to be left at school)  
  • Bookbag with school logo   
  • Green fleece with school logo - this is optional and is to be worn over a brown jumper or cardigan  

This uniform is to be worn every day. Pupils in Reception to Year 2 do not change for PE. School uniform required for Year 3 to Year 6  

  • Brown jumper with school logo or brown cardigan with school logo  
  • White polo shirt  
  • Black trousers, black shorts or black skirt (to be worn with black tights or black socks)  
  • Sturdy, black school shoes  
  • Wellies (to be left at school)  
  • PE kit is black PE shorts and black jogging bottoms or black leggings and trainers  
  • Yellow and white gingham summer dress - this is optional and to be worn with white socks.  These dresses may only be worn from September to October half term and in the summer term 
  • Green fleece with school logo - this is optional and is to be worn over a brown jumper or cardigan  

School uniform is to be worn every day except on PE days.   On PE days pupils should arrive wearing their PE kit, as described above.

From 17 April 2023, pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 must wear PE kit to school on their PE days.
This means wearing brown jumper/cardigan, white polo shirt, black shorts, joggers or leggings and trainers. 

Where to buy our school uniform  

Items to purchase through our school uniform provider Monkhouse on the High Street:  

  • Brown jumper with school logo or brown cardigan with school logo  
  • Bookbag with school logo (Reception to Year 2)  
  • Green fleece with school logo (an optional item)  

Items to purchase from any shop:  

  • White polo shirt 
  • Black jogging bottoms, leggings or PE shorts (no patterns) 
  • Black trousers, shorts or skirt (Year 3 to Year 6)  
  • Yellow and white gingham summer dress (optional for children in Years 3 to 6) 

Our Swap Shop 

Every half term, we encourage families to donate pre-loved items of school uniform to our 'Swap Shop'. Families that donate items and would like to swap them for larger items can do so before the 'Swap Shop' is opened to the rest of our community.  Dates and details are shared via our weekly newsletters. 

Reminders and tips  

  • Jewellery may consist of stud earrings only. From Year 2, children may wear watches.  
  • Long hair must be tied up for all children.  
  • Children must wear a waterproof coat to school for outdoor play.
  • Children may wear a green fleece with the school logo on top of their other school uniform in the classroom. 
  • The school uniform does not include yellow polo shirts, black dresses or skorts, brown dresses, skirts or skorts, yellow and white gingham skirts or skorts, coloured logoed PE shirts, dress shirts/blouses or ties.  
  • No visible branding on clothes.  
  • Label all items belonging to your child. 

Dunalley Diddies

03 Jun 2024

Open to parents/carers of babies 0-1yrs old, on Wednesdays 1.45pm-3pm. For more info pop along and speak to Hannah Street in Nursery & Pre-school.

Nursery & Pre-school spaces available

13 May 2024

Dunalley Nursery & Pre-school have sessions available for September 2024.
Contact us now for further information.

Non-uniform Day

10 May 2024

On Friday 21st June we will have a non school uniform day.  Children are able to come to school wearing red, yellow or orange.

OPAL Stay and Play

22 Apr 2024

Thank you to all who came along to our event on Saturday morning.
It was so lovely to see so many of our new families too.

Dunalley Literature Festival

19 Apr 2024

Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th May.
We are looking forward to celebrating Dunalley’s Literature Festival in a few weeks when many...

Year 5 Athletics Squad

19 Apr 2024

Year 5 Athletics Squad took part in the Gloucestershire Inter- Primary Schools Athletics Competition with volunteers from both 5J and 5R.

CAKE SALE 18/4/24

13 Apr 2024

Please bring all of your NUT FREE animal themed cakes and bakes along to our cake sale which will be held after school in the playground.

Curriculum Information

12 Apr 2024

Thank you to families for joining our curriculum infomation sessions this week!
It has been lovely to see you in school.

Easter Holiday Camp

04 Mar 2024

With the Easter break less than 4 weeks away, with our award-winning multi-activity camps running throughout the Easter holidays!

Year 6 Trip

01 Mar 2024

Our Year 6 children enjoyed an adventurous trip to Swindon Steam Museum on Friday.
Their outfits for the World War 11 experience were just fabulous.