Edulink One

Edulink One is how we communicate with those with Parental Responsibility and where you will find personal information about your child(ren) including their attendance record, personal information and key stage reports. It is also where you will give consent for visits, clubs and sporting activities. Finally, there is a 'LINKS & COMMUNICATION' page to online forms required to communicate with school (i.e report an absence, medicine consent) and other useful information on our website.  Everyone else can find all the information they require within our website.

Log in details:

- If you have Parental Responsibility please look out for an email titled: ACTION REQUIRED: Log into Dunalley Primary School EduLink One 

Edulink One:

- Edulink One can be accessed via their APP (search for Edulink One in your app store) or ONLINE HERE


- If you don't have enough storage to download another app, you can add the following link to the Edulink One website to your homescreen instead:!/login?code=dunalley

- Individual log in details are only emailed directly to those with Parental Responsibility

- Click on the navigation circles to familiarize yourself with the information available

On the APP:                    On the WEB:

Edulink One is linked to our Management Information System and it is essential that parents click on the 'UPDATE INFORMATION' circle, check the details and update where necessary. This can be done on the Edulink One App however you may find the web interface easier:!/login?code=dunalley

 - if you are new to the school please add as much information as you can via the ‘Update Information’ icon as this will create your child’s record with us. The following links explains more:

 - if on the App you need to click on the two arrows next to your name to access your child(ren)s details.  On the web, click your child's photo.
Parental Responsibility: 
It is essential that both people with Parental Responsibility log on separately, ensure their own personal information is correct and that each of you can see your child / all of your children. Only one person with parental responsibility needs to add the pupil information / reply to consent forms.

Due to GDPR - it is each persons own responsibility to manage their own data.  Also each person can only see the other persons name and no other details regardless of their relationship.

 - please complete the form via 'Forms' on Edulink One or contact the school office if your child(ren) are not showing

 - if someone with Parental Responsibility has not recevied log in details for Edulink One please update Parental Responsibility email addresses via 'One Off Forms' on Edulink One, online HERE, email [email protected] or call the school office.

Pupils with dietary, medical or health needs

- If your child has a dietary, medical or health need, tick all that are relevant and we will then be in touch for further information

Parental consents

Families are required to give a range consents on Edulink One as part of the admission process, check each September and update as required. Please read the following so that you are clear about what you are giving consent to: Parental Consents

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18 Apr 2023

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