Introduction to Home Learning

Dear Families
We have listed a variety of home learning activities that you may wish to complete whilst school is closed. Many are things you can do together as a family, some the children can do by themselves, some need no things, some need pencils and paper, some need technology so we hope we have provided you with a range of choices.

We will continue to provide activities for home learning during the course of the school closures. Please continue to watch out for up-dates via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, school newsletter (Dunalley Up-date) and the school website.

We appreciate that each family has different circumstances so the ideas are there for your guidance and help. Please feel free to use them as appropriate for your family circumstances and adapt as required. There is no expectation on the part of the school that you should be teaching your child. We hope the activities suggested will however help to give you ideas to support your child.

Listed below are some ideas. Further ideas can be found on the tabs - whole school projects and year groups. Please take a look to see what other things there are to do.

Individual things for children to do or perhaps with a little bit of help:

  • Read and share books together. You could read a book by yourself, with a family member or even to your pet!
  • Practise your spellings in your blue book (Y2-6).
  • Practise your number facts. Remember we have TTRockstars to practise your multiplication tables.
  • Write a diary of what you do each day or write a letter to someone in your family or a friend you are not able to see at the moment.
  • Writing. Go to there is a writing activity linked to a picture each day. Why not get creative and write something.
  • Log-in to Education City and complete the activities that your teacher has set.

Go outside and get some fresh air and exercise.
Remember we have our ‘50 things to do at Dunalley’ initiative so you might be able to tick some of those off. Take a picture of you completing this or draw a picture or write about it and add it to your passport when you come back to school.

50 things to do at Dunalley Passport can be found here.

Do some baking together.
This a great opportunity to practise some maths too. You can learn how to use measuring jugs, scales, and telling the time as well as producing something delicious to eat.

Show some kindness to everyone in your home.
Think of an opportunity to show kindness to someone else. Being kind to others actually makes you feel good so it’s a kindness for you as much as the person on the receiving end!

Try doing something to help out around the house, there are lots of jobs you could do – keep your room tidy and clean, keep your toys tidy, help at mealtimes with making food or clearing up, sort out the re-cycling, look after your pet. Your families will have lots of other jobs you could do. If you have younger brothers and sisters, you could help them with their learning.

Make a card, draw a picture or write a letter and send it to someone in your family or community who may not be able to go out or you are not seeing. There are lots of people who would love a message from you.

Remember that we would love to see all of the things you are doing at home so please email a photo tagged with your year group and a message, if you would like to. Email address

Finally, please save all of your work, if you can, and bring all work into school when we re-open and we can celebrate all the fabulous things you have been doing at home.